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24 Hour Psychiatric Care Services

Compassionate Healing

is what makes the Talas Harbor at Bullhead City difference

Inpatient Psychiatric Care

We offer a highly respected Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Care program that provides expedient stabilization in a comfortable treatment setting. Our facility is specially designed for the needs of adults and seniors in crisis, and who may also be suffering from chronic mental health disorders.

Crisis Evaluation

The first step we take at Talas Harbor is to conduct a crisis evaluation and medical screening. This initial evaluation allows our medical staff to efficiently assess how you or your loved one is feeling and identify the treatment services to best meet your needs.

Discharge planning

From the moment a patient enters our facility our medical team will begin evaluating their needs and making a plan for discharge. At Talas Harbor at Bullhead City, we know that recovery is a lifelong process that extends beyond a patient’s time with us and we promote long-term healing by providing a comprehensive aftercare plan for continued success. 

Medication Management

Many patients rely on medications to manage their physical health and to stabilize their psychological well-being. All of our patients will have access to medication management services during their stay.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Social workers, nursing, and adjunct staff members provide our patients with group therapy throughout the day. Topics include grief and loss, anger management, disease/disorder education, medication management, relationships, communication skills, stress management, healthy boundaries, guilt, and shame.

Treatment Expertise

Treatment Expertise
Admissions Criteria
Medical Referrals
What is the first step?

Our expert Geri-psych team compassionately serves adults 55 years and older who are in crisis and in need of immediate treatment, and who may also be suffering from any of the following mental health conditions:

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Mood Swings
  • Paranoia
  • Destructive anger
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Resisting care
  • Posing a threat to self or others
  • Inability to function in daily life due to stress
  • Alcohol & drug addiction
  • Threatening to or behaving in a manner considered dangerous to self or others.
  • Continued destruction of property.
  • Unable to function socially, educationally or in the family environment.
  • Pre-existing psychiatric conditions that inhibits his/her ability to maintain safety in the community.
  • No significant progress with outpatient treatment, and  the patient requires medication evaluation, special services or continuous skilled observation.
  • Continued failure to be successful in a less restrictive environment.

Talas Harbor at Bullhead City accepts referrals from medical facilities including hospitals, assisted living centers, and behavioral health outpatient clinics. 

A medical screening is the first step in the process prior to an assessment at Talas Harbor – Bullhead City Hospital.  Our mental health assessment takes place after the referral and medical screening. This process allows us to efficiently evaluate how you or your loved one is feeling and identify the services to best meet your needs. You can take comfort in knowing that all  individuals who enter our facility will leave equipped with an informed plan for the next step in their treatment plan. Please call 928-404-6012 to learn more.

Our Story

Our Goal

At Talas Harbor at Bullhead City our goal for every patient we serve is to help them return to an optimal level of functioning in a timely fashion. We also support long-term healing by providing our patients and their loved ones with helpful care resources, including an individualized plan of continued care once discharged.